5. The role of humankind


What should be the role of mankind in nature?

There are different opinions about the role of mankind in nature, depending on whether future is seen as fate or chance.

Pope Johannes Paul II spoke for example in his speech to mark the 50th jubilee of UN about his "view of man as an intelligent and free person..., that is gifted with the possibility to think and opt and that therefore is capable of showing wisdom and virtue." (7)

This means future is being assigned as a task for mankind. The former protestant bishop Dr. Engelhardt, in his article "The future from the point of view of the church" only wished "to design a future, in which it will be possible to survive." (8)

If the protestant church only wishes to enable "survival", then it tends to forget about all those things that make humans truly human, and also about its own mission! In this respect, one might want to encourage the protestant church to entertain more confidence, trust and courage - in other words, a little more faith in God.

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